What Makes Working with FJI so Different?

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop or a national brand, the bottom line matters most. We don’t just care about beautifully designed spaces. We care about your economic and social success.

Our approach to interior design is unique and unexpected. For a preview of our method of madness, browse through this guide. If it resonates with you and tugs at your heartstrings, then we’re the right fit for you and your business.

Our Promise to you

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No cookie-cutter design solutions. We aim to create a unique space that gives you the competitive advantage.

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No problem goes unsolved. We look beyond every day solutions and don’t give up when a problem gets complicated.

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No missed deadlines. We start every project with a clear and concise schedule of deliverables so that you’re never left wondering when you’ll hear from us next.

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No hidden fees or surprise additional service charges. We believe that the service agreement should be a straightforward and hassle-free experience.

Meet the Team

An assemblage of interior designers, artists, and business thinkers, working in unison to create memorable experiences that keep your guests coming back for more.


Dala Al-Fuwaires

  1. Self-proclaimed chef

  2. Barcelona lover

  3. Podcast junkie

Most likely to say around the office:
”So, I heard a podcast this morning about… ”


Jillian Kelley
Interior Designer

  1. Cat mom

  2. White wine lover

  3. Dedicated concertgoer

Most likely to say around the office:
”What station should we listen to today?”


Simba Justin
Fabric Durability Analyst

  1. Leader of the pack

  2. Avid howler

  3. Sled puller

Most likely to say around the office:
”This fabric did not pass the chew test.”

Let us Guide you



Over 50 original concepts developed


Over 100 projects built worldwide


Design industry recognition